Scrapbooking and keeping warm

Today I have installed a heat pump but I was not quite prepared for that I needed to enter new outlet circuit from the fuse box. This meant that they had to drill in the walls of brick – over the desk with computers, the bookshelves where I also have photo boxes containing my Library of Memories and pictures without frames. So there has been a lot of vacuuming and dusting. Hopefully I can now go into the kitchen to make coffee without putting on gloves and scarves when a new cold period strikes…

It has been a cold day and the window has been open almost all day long so I can`t say just yet if this will keep me warm. At least I have a warm spot right here…

                                                         Maybe to warm:)

Back in 1970 we had no heat-pump but we had a man in the house – at leat we had one when we spent time in our new cabin in the wood. Dad would always make sure the road was cleared for snow and a fire burning before we arrived…

You got to love how we used the rule of thirds when we used the Instamatic from Kodak:)

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