Let`s pretend it`s spring

It is Friday morning. I can see strays of sunshine and outside I can see hints of spring…

I did say hints of spring:) I bet there will be snow before the weekend is over. And with the little signs that spring is on the way – then comes the need for spring cleaning …

And this is my excuse for not cleaning at all. If you are a scrapbooker you know how much dust our hobby produce and you can easily imagine how the dust-bunnies are having a feast in my home:) I know I have to deal with this and I know how to do it – but am I inspired to do it? No I am not.

But – I have an advantage. I know Aby Garvey and I am familiar with her classes. Her online course  quick and simple clutter control is enrolling now and starts March 20. This class is short and sweet – only two weeks. Pretty intense if you want to be productive. This is not a class for in depth organizing but you are given tools to get you started and it is very inspiring. If you are new to online classes this is good place to start. (And the prize is nice – if you are Norwegian the prize is very nice and the class room is international so our school English go a long way). Please join me – I feel lonely without a crowd to cheer me on.

So – this should bring Easter-bliss to my home…

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