I`m planning for April

I just received this message to my inbox from Lain Ehmann about the online event True Scrap going on April 20/21.

If you love scrapbooking…

If you love to laugh…

If you don’t have enough time to hang with scrappy friends…

You NEED True Scrap. And True Scrap needs you. It’s really that simple.


If you don`t have enough time to hang with scrappy friends…Funny because I don`t know anyone who scraps. Anyway – there are tons of inspiration to find here from some of our favourite people. I have a work thing going on April 20 so I`m not sure if I have time to attend but even if you can`t be there during the “live show” you will have access to everything.

In the second 4expert class at Big Picture Classes Heidi Swapp is up with her class The Art of Observation. 12 weeks starting April 5. I`m signed up and I wish the Norwegian online stores could offer Heidi`s new product line. It is so long since I saw something I really wanted. BPC says we don`t need the stuff to do the class but still…

If you like sketches or would like to learn how to work with them Lisa Day has a class coming up Thursday – 28 Days of Sketches. I took the class when it run last spring and it was a great class.

If having enough time is a challenge for you Aby Garvey has a class coming up in April – it’s about time: how to have more fun and get more done. This is one of my favourite classes. I learn something new about myself every time. And yes the second time is half the prize:) And the third and the fourth…

Or you could just follow the lead from these guys…

…live life and enjoy!

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  1. Så fint Elin!! Du er flink 🙂

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