The Art of Observation

I`m enjoying Heidi Swapp`s new class – The Art of Observation. The class started two days ago – just in time for the Easter holiday. Love it when I have extra time to enjoy the start of a new class and I love what I have seen so far. I think this will be an engaging and fun class.

I don`t think I will give anything away by saying that our first assignment is to look for beauty and to define what beauty means to us. This was a little funny because as I heard a very inspired Heidi Swapp talk about seeing beauty I was looking out my window and saw nothing but the awful weather.

But beauty can be many things – like beautiful childhood memories…

Seeing the girls playing in the snow today made me think of my childhood winters. My favourite was to make snow-angels in the snow – just outside my mother`s kitchen window. I could spend hours in the dark making snow-angels. Also there were Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) to be seen in the evenings. Not so much these days.

Lots of beauty in happy childhood memories if you take a close look in your everyday life.

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1 Response to The Art of Observation

  1. Leslie says:

    I found your blog while searching for examples of Heidi’s Art of Observation class. I can’t take the class due to time constraints at the moment. I love your samples. I happen to have a few extra items from Heidi’s new line and I would love to send them to you as a random act of kindness. Feel free to send me an email and I’d love to send you some goodies.

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