Creative Sunday

It is almost vacation time for me. One week with no work. Actually it is more than one week. Thursday I`m leaving for a lunch to lunch meeting here…

                                                          Håholmen Havstuer 

Love to stay here for whatever reason and I am anticipating the wedding invitation for Tor and Marita`s wedding reception. I guess the invitation has been lost in the mail because the wedding reception is booked at Håholmen in August. I hope they have remembered to set the date for the church:)

Today I have done most of the stuff I needed to do and a I did some work on the next memory folder for the Art of Observation class at BPC…Love this way of working and thinking. I think it is time to go online and order some files from the Heide Swapp line even if I have to go abroad to find them. I have been holding back and waited to see if they would turn up in Norway. Guess not.

The plan for the rest of the evening? Counting down to Thursday. Do a little creative work on my file.  Go to bed early. Lots of work to do in the morning – bright and early.

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