One week vacation and a checklist

Technically, I have three days left before the holiday – a day of work and two days of meetings. But to spend two days on Håholmen is like vacation. So much to do before I go and two bags to pack…

To pack clothes is easy. How difficult is it to choose which three of the four jeans I should pack? The same with t-shirts. No challenge at all:) and I am so looking forward to go shopping next week! Because none of my jeans is a good fit anymore. Thankfully.

I have several things I would like to do in the upcoming week so I am bringing a checklist…

 Yes – I have a plan. A plan to be efficient with my time. Anyone who knows me know that this plan will fall into pieces on the second day. I am the master of excuses. It is too cold, too warm or too late. There`s always something. The batteries are charged and all the gadgets are ready to be packed. It is all the little things that drives me crazy. You know – the little things like – books to read, journal to write in, the good pens and the list go on and on…

And I have some cleaning up to do before I go…

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