My mother`s spaghetti sauce

My mother made this amazing spaghetti sauce and I was the one to give her the recipe. At 13 I had classes in home economics and cooking, and they were not classes of my choice:) I never liked to work in the kitchen and I still don`t. We had a lot of fun in these classes. Our teacher was a very special lady and her former students are still telling stories from her classes. Let me just briefly say that we were not always good students and she could get very angry. So sorry I don`t have any photos of her.

Setting up my inspiration file for Stacy Julian`s Twelve class I was looking all over the house for old stuff to add to the stories I wanted to tell and I finally found my old recipe notebook from these classes. My youngest nephew has been nagging me for a long time to find it because he wanted his late grandma`s receipe for spaghetti sauce…

In 1974 spaghetti sauce was unknown to us and it was a big hit when I brought the recipe home for my mother and it became our favorite dish. If my mother asked me what I wanted for dinner this was it. If she wanted to team up with her grandchildren this was a sure bet. The only problem was that non of us could make it like she did. I tried while she was on the phone guiding me along but my sauce did not taste like hers. Maybe now I can try again:)

When I was given the prompt to make a layout without pictures this idea was right there in my inspiration files. Technically I am cheating because the scan can be counted as a photo – but I have never been good at following directions. And when an idea come to me I can`t be stopped…

I had the design in my head – a page I had seen on Pinterest. I`m sorry I can`t give you the source because the only place I save the idea is in my head:)

I scanned the recipe, added the words and printed the page before adding the bits of paper. There will be a second page here because I also found photos taken from the school kitchen showing some of the crazy things going on.

Now that we have the recipe I hope someone in my family send out the invitations for a dinner party. Soon:)


The Spaghetti Sauce came to Lyngstad in 1974

I was not eager to do my best when I walked through the door to Teoline’s school kitchen, but I was probably not the most difficult student she ever had. Oh – the many stories that could be told from her classroom…
I never learned to cook – but she gave us new knowledge that we took home with us. Spaghetti Sauce, wow – that was good stuff. My mother oversaw the cooking when we made spaghetti sauce for the first time at home. Later this would be my mom’s specialty. If she wanted to make me happy she would serve spaghetti sauce.
The next generation could also be bribed with this temptation. If my mom wanted to team up with the kids she served spaghetti sauce.
No matter how many times I tried it was never like my mom made it.

Maybe now – when the original recipe has been recovered?

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