I’m still waiting for my brother to come up with the information I need so I can complete our family tree. Things take time. But I have found three pictures of my grandfather on my father’s side …

To the left is my great-grandfather and the little weird-looking boy is my grandfather Harald. In the middle photo he is 17 years old and to the right is my grandparents Inga and Harald at their wedding day.

I don`t know much about Inga and Harald. I do remember them visiting when I was a little girl and I do have an image in my head of my grandfather sitting at the kitchen table mending the fishing nets for my dad.

My grandfather was snoring, and I remember my brother  sneaking up to his bedroom with a microphone and an old tape recorder to prove it. And I remember that my grandfather was supposed to be babysitting while my mom shopped. When my mother came home he lay on the floor with Indian feathers on his head aiming with “bow and arrows.” He aimed the finest crystal vase in the house. He loved to play cards and he was an enthusiastic teacher. He did manage to teach us kids but he was upset that he couldn`t make my mother understand the cards. Maybe he was to busy avoiding being caught by his wife:) She did not like the cards or the beer. That could be the reason I don`t remember her from her visits:)

I don`t know what he did for a living, what he liked to do or anything else but I do remember a happy guy who liked to play and have fun. Let`s see what more I can dig up…

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One Response to Grandfathers

  1. Michele says:

    Oh wow, you are so blessed to have such wonderful family photos! I wouldn’t worry about the details of your grandfather that you don’t know – you remember that part of him that was most important to you….it didn’t matter what he did for a living, just that he was there for you :).

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