Silence means danger

The prompt given was hearing. Anything – like the birds singing. From my corner all I can hear is the humming of the engine room downstairs. The sound can be heard above all else and I am sure I have made more than one scrapbook page about living above an engine room. The only thing that beats an engine room is the train, and I know a thing or two about trains:)

Once again I was inspired by the before mentioned inspiration file from Stacy Julian`s class Twelve. There was one lesson I learned while babysitting last summer – silence is dangerous. In my files I had three photos of Elin Marie and Tor Magnus caught in the act of doing the one thing they aren`t allowed to do – staying on the veranda alone. She was climbing the rile. It is three floors down and what she does – he does…

I am a simple and linear scrapbooker and I often work like this. Blocking the photos and the squares of paper. Never worry about the journaling. For this page it was short and sweet so all I needed was room for a few lines. I picked the colors and the paper from their clothes. The green and the pink was popping:), and I change my mind a few times…

Silence means danger…

I soon learn that it can be a smart thing to take a look when sudden silence arises. That is rarely good news. That`s right – the veranda is forbidden area. That is why there is a lock on the door!

Caught in the act – in dangerous heights…

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One Response to Silence means danger

  1. Cute layout! I think it’s universal when “Kids getting quiet = potential danger”! I know it’s true with my granddaughters. I never thought to do a layout about it tho and love the idea.

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