…and grandmothers…

I don`t remember much about my father`s parents. I know I asked the questions before my parents passed away but there were no answers. This is why I became a scrapbooker in the first place. I want to make sure that the kids growing up knows where to look for the information they want or need. I want them to know we loved them. I want them to remember us and I want them to remember the things they did with their grandparents.

He is five…

…and here is no way he will remember this moment. This very important moment in his life – spending time with his grandmother. She will not remember this next week:) She is born in 1957, working full-time and is so busy being a grandmother that I doubt she remember what she did yesterday.

How will he know that May 1 2012 he had a Sunday Adventure with his grandmother?

How will he know why his grandmother took him for an adventure?

The photos make it easier to remember the moments…

The camera or the phone is always there to capture the special moments, the everyday moments and the events…

Thousands of photos – more or less organized. But looking at the photos and the date – how will he know why his grandmother took him for an adventure…

He will need the words. One day he might need the words to understand why his grandmother spent time with him building a three-ladder. And just maybe this grandmother will have time on her hands to enjoy looking back and remember the joy of this special moment.

Sometimes I stumble because I use my own words to describe how she feels, what she thinks and why she do things. I reflect about this, pause to think about it and move forward. One thing I know – capturing the stories is more important.

I may not remember much about my father`s parents but I had an amazing grandmother living upstairs when I grew up. She was always there for me with food, love and time. She passed away when I was 16 and even if I remember her and have a few photos I would love to know more about her. She loved me, she took care of me, she fed me – this I know.

Still – I would have loved to find a note documenting a moment or an everyday adventure…

                                                        That is why I am a scrapbooker.

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2 Responses to …and grandmothers…

  1. Estefanía says:

    I loved your article! I believe it is one of the many reasons people start scrapbooking 🙂

  2. Val says:

    I love your post, it is so true, I have many, many pictures from when I was a child but my mother was not a scrapbooker and there are very few words to go with any of the pictures, I’m lucky that she is still around and I can ask these questions, but this is the reason I scrapbook, I want my boys to be able to go and look at a book and answer their questions and to be able to see specific details about a certain day and time. Thanks for a wonderful post.

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