31 Things in 2012

“31 Things” is a class at Big Picture Classes with Ali Edwards and I am sure I was the first one to sign up. I did not stop to read what the class was about. There is no need because I would sign up for any class she teach at BPC. With Ali involved I knew it would be about words and I thought this would be a good idea after spending almost two weeks sticking my camera in people’s faces:)

The class start May 17 and I am looking forward to do some writing every day. May/June is a busy time at work so I did worry about the everyday aspect of this class. I don`t worry about the writing but putting together an album will be challenging since I also have the “Week in the life” album to work on. With that in mind I decided to put the album together before the class starts…

This is not the format Ali will use in her class. I had this 6×12 album and it is perfect to use for this class so I opted not to buy a new album for this. Every page is pre-cut and put in a page protector just waiting for the photo and the words…

Wow – I am so prepared:) Love that I could find the handout for the set up of the album the day I registered for the class. Loved to have the possibility to consider my options and time to think about how I will make this work for me.

Let May 17 come! Happy  Sunday!

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