My father – the fisherman

I have this ID card from 1941 saying that my father was a fisherman at 15…

Things change. All I did at 15 was focusing on me – and only me. Work was an unknown factor:)

I have been meaning to make a layout with this photo so when the Load-prompt said make a page in 30 min I knew what to do…

When I work with old photos I prefer to scan the original photo and make a digital layout. The scan is saved in a file labeled “Library of Memories” and tagged with name and year. Each family member has their own file. The original photo is saved in my category drawer under this person`s file. Since there are so few photos from back then I need to use them more than once if I want to add photos to the stories I want to document. Also digital layouts using old photos of not so good quality prints very well.

This Id is from 1941 and we have been in war for one year. I don`t know much about how the war affected the family but I am sure they had food and they were to young to be soldiers.

My father was not a soldier during the war but he sure knew how to celebrate the ending of the war. Here he is with his sisters in Kristiansund celebrating May 17 1945…

My father – always with an according. Pretty sure the sisters are Hanna and Anna but I have no idea who the geek in the back are.

No date on this photo taken in the garden of their childhood home , but it is a good guess that this is from the summer of 1945. His sister Inger with the guitar…

This was 1945 and I guess he was still a fisherman. With both Molde and Kristiansund bombed there would be a lot of  reconstruction after the war so in  1946/1947 he attended Sunndal Yrkesskule and was trained as a carpenter…

My father is the second from the left. This was a good year for him and he loved to tell these little stories about the people he met and cared for. Over and over again.

This brings me up to late 1947.  He was sick in 1949 and he married in November 1953 – but what happened from 1947 to 1953…

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