Lucky draw

Saturday was National Scrapbooking Day in the USA. At Big Picture Classes this has become an International event. I never focused on this day before because most of it is happening outside of my time zone,  but this Saturday was my day off so I signed up for the free crop at BPC. Then I was asked to switch my shift and all I got done was reading the challenges and then it was bedtime for me,

Sunday morning I woke up tired but inspired. At the end of the day I had four layouts up in the gallery and one of them won a prize. So – winning isn`t the word her since it was a draw but who cares why you win:)

Now – I don`t know what this is but it looks cute:) Thankfully I have a  seamstress in the family and a young couple with family plans because this looks like fabric, cute fabric:)

The “winning” page. Linda is married to my youngest nephew Jan and she just made “Svele” ( This is a national treat in this part of Norway). It had been so long since she made “Svele” and she was very unsure if she remembered the recipe. We were very much in doubt. It did not look right and it did not taste right. Not that it mattered because when she woke up the morning after they were all gone:)

This was back in January. Now I have a recipe…

I would welcome an invite for a “Svele” – party !

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