Dimensional Details with Nic Howard is back

Big Picture Classes just opened Nic`s class for registration. You can read about the class and sign up here: Dimensional Details Expanded Version.

This is the one class you don`t want to miss. It is a 4expert class and is running for 4 months starting July 5. Nic Howard is a wonderful teacher – always there to teach, encourage and praise your work. She is your motivator, your mentor and your best friend.

So – why have I signed up for this class? I am not a dimensional scrapbooker. Not at all. If I had to add one hundred something dimensional pages into my album each year I would be screaming in despair.

But I honor the feeling of accomplishment I feel when I look at the pages I mad for this class back 2010 and I love them all…

I love to find those pages in between all my clean and simple pages and every one of them was created with love.

When this class run in 2010 I was totally unprepared to what I was up to. I did not have the things I needed to make dimensional pages and clearly as this was not my thing I didn`t want to shop for it. Making the first page for the pre-gallery was a bitch…

I didn`t have suitable papers, embellish, no cutting machine, no nothing. Still – I did my best with what I had and I learned a lot. This time around I will be prepared and it shouldn`t be that hard to find the right stuff in the Norwegian online shops:)

I certainly will enjoy spending time in Nic Howard`s class room at Big Picture Classes this summer and I hope to meet old and new friends there.

Source: reveriemine.com via wini on Pinterest

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