Week in the life – two weeks later

Today it feels like I spent all Saturday working on my album but all I got done was a few pages…

I had my ideas for designs on the computer and the computer was busy installing a new Lightroom version wich did not go well at all by the way. I have been so happy about 2005, 2006, 2007 and most of 2008 organized and tagged in Lightroom and without any thoughts about how to do this I imported everything back into Lightroom 4. And when I was at it I kept importing 2009 and 2010. Great idea. At least it was until my disk was screaming for help. Oh well – I had help and it was all sorted out but now nothing seems to be like it used to be, and that is a challenge for a 51-year-old with fears for reading instructions:)

So – this morning I got back to what I know and love – making album pages…

…now I have only one worry: Do I need a second album? Because this stack is Saturday, Sunday and Monday…

I know I decided to go photo heavy this year but there is something to be said about too much:) Even worse I feel that I have to leave out a lot of photos I really wanted to use. Thankfully I don`t plan on using much embellish so the pages will be flat and that will make room for a lot of pages. Now I just have to wait for more cardstock to arrive.

Happy mother`s day to those of you celebrating today!

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