31 Things – what did I find in my jewelry box

Well…first of all I had a hard time finding my jewelry box and that says it all I think:) I am definitely not a jewelry person. Still – there are things hidden in there I wouldn`t dream of tossing. Like this one…

A gift from my mother 40 years ago. All forgotten and probably not used for 30 years but I still love it. I was about to write that this is the only jewelry my mother ever gave me but that wouldn`t be the truth. I just can`t remember what it was and where it is and that says a lot about me:)

All this talk about jewelry is thanks to Ali Edwards class “31 Things” at BPC.  The class started yesterday and the first thing to document was jewelry. Good thing that is over and done with…

I could have written a lot more than one page about this theme and I did. But for once I went back and edited to keep it down to one page. Just a few words about the four pieces of jewelry I care for and a statement about the fact that I am not a jewelry person at all – and I am ready to move on to the next subject.

Wait…I did find traces of a bolder youth,  not so long ago…

…and can you believe this? They were kept safe in a box with cotton. I am sure that says something about me but I don`t know if I want to know what…

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One Response to 31 Things – what did I find in my jewelry box

  1. alexa says:

    I love your pragmatic approach! and your lovely page of course. Here’s to today’s task …

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