31 things – reading

Once I was an obsessed reader. I bought my first book in 1975 I think and that is the one book I have read more than once…

Sigrid Undset – Kristin Lavransdatter. Just like my mother I could “see” everything playing in my head. Almost 40 years later I can still see the characters and the house,s and I never saw the film that came years later. My Erlend and Kristin still look just like they did in my fantasy back then.

I`m also obsessed with owning the books…

It is almost 40 years old and when I open the book I can smell the places I have lived. The good memories and the not so good memories.

Sigrid Undset has always been a favorite of mine along with Anne Karin Elstad…

Her first four books described the life of Margret of Innhaugen around 1800 and she described a life I knew because of my mother’s story telling. My mother was born in 1926 and she could tell the most amazing stories about elves and trolls. She probably believed in the elves all her life:) And you know – the elves did live in the Norwegian woods in 1800. I have every book Elstad ever wrote and I am so sad about her death a few weeks ago.

Another favorite of mine is Ken Follett…

…and Stephen King. I love Stephen King. That is a little weird because no way can I stand to see a film created from his books. I can not stand to see blood and cruelty but I love to read the sordid details.

31 things – reading…

You know – if I had been 30 years younger and if I had a dog I would be out walking that dog today. I would have walked the dog all day long because there is a BMW meet up in the village.  What is it with men and cars:)

Living on the other side of the road I guess I have to be ready for som tires burning this evening:)

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One Response to 31 things – reading

  1. Craftyp says:

    Elin- I read Sigrid’s book awhile back! It was my first VERY, VERY thick book that I read… isn’t it over 1000 pages? It was so very good, too. I try to read a classic every summer and I’ll always remember the summer I read Kirsten Lavransdatter! thanks for reminding me about it!

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