How is your morning routine

My morning routine is all about routine, routine and routine. From the evil sound of the iPhone alarm at 5.20 am until I leave home at 6.50 am. The only thing that change-up the routine is all those mornings I wake up two hours before the alarm goes off:) Always the early morning bird.

Without opening my eyes I open the window and stumble into the kitchen where I put two pieces of bread into the toaster and get the coffee maker going. I get everything ready in the evening so all I have to do is to push the button. A good thing since my eyes are still closed. I put yesterday`s cloths back on and I am ready for breakfast. Two pieces of bread with cheese – always cheese.

Before I balance the coffee mug and sit down in front of the computer I open my eyes:) What did I do before the computer took over my life? Well, there was a time when the newspaper was a priority but that was a long time ago. Now the newspaper have to wait until I`m at work. I miss those days when I did nothing. Just sitting there, looking at nothing and charging the batteries. The good old times.

6.20 I shower and if I walk into the bathroom with the right foot first I will be dressed in uniform and working at 6.50…

This morning was like any other morning except I had the day off. A day off with a long “to do”list. Now – this list was a nice list, filled with things like:  Gathering all the layouts made this year and insert them into page-protectors. Organizing and filing all the stuff stacked at the desk and the kitchen table, the expedit, the book shelves and the floor. I hadn`t realized that my albums were full so now I have a high stack of pages with no home. Good planning.

I also added a little something to my pages in the week in the life album…

Usually I never spend this much time and effort finishing any album. Hm…maybe it is time to see if I can get all the pages into one album:)

No – I think I will wait. It is too late to change things up anyway:)

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