Wooden sticks that talks

The kids love the movies about Knerten – the wooden sticks that talks. You know – every childs best friend; always there and he says what ever you want him to say:)

Even I have seen them more than once so I certainly get why the kids are fascinated…

This Sunday they wanted me to take a photo of Knerten. It is not an everyday happening that they for a photo session so I was happy to do so. Knerten`s wife could not be bothered with this shit…

No big story here but cute photos can also inspire a layout…


The stick is every boy’s best friend – and he speaks…

You both love to watch the movies about Knerten and you can watch them over and over again, but when I try to pretend that Knerten is talking I`m told that I am stupid who believe that a plastic stick can talk.

Maybe this is because he isn`t the real thing. Maybe you feel cheated because grandma gave you a plastic stick and not a real wood stick?

Your dad has no problem sleeping with everyone talking around him. Maybe he believes in Knerten?

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One Response to Wooden sticks that talks

  1. Great idea to scrapbook about Knerten. Some dolls can play a big part in childrens lives.
    About a week ago a movie about Knoester (as Knerten is called in Dutch) was on the Dutch television. My kids loved the movie.

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