Going out in the world

Leaving your childhood home and your mother – is exciting. All the home comings are the best. I know all about that and I remember my mother`s word every time I left: “You know you can always come back home if things get bad”.

My mother isn`t among us anymore and I am back home for good. Now it is my brother`s wife who experience the coming and goings in our family…

Farewells have become part of your everyday life. The phone rings and you are notified that they are on the way home. Sometimes they don`t. Or they come without a message. Sometimes you make the beds, prepare good food and you invite everyone to a party. Just to be told that they will come the next day.
Sometimes there’s just enough money to drive the car home. Sometimes all they bring is the old bills they can`t pay. But sometimes you can enjoy pleasant surprises.
It’s like running the carousel – it is high up and far down. Or, as your mother in law said to me – it’s nice when you come and even better when you leave.

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One Response to Going out in the world

  1. I love this layout! I love everything about it! Great job! You also reminded me that I have that same Core’dinations paper & I’ve never used it! Thanks for the inspiration!

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