I have never been a bride so I was unprepared when I met up with the bride to be … of all the hormones running wild.

Of course we did not have the best of weather when we arrived at Håholmen for the wedding planning and maybe having this meeting with the mother and the mother in law wasn`t such a good idea…

We made progress in the planning thanks to the sweet man who was meeting with us. I guess he had met with bridezillas before because he had a very smooth approach from the very beginning…

Thankfully the couple had already decided on the menu. Other wise we would have still been at the island…

What ever weather in August 11 the view from the dining room is fabulous…

…and the bridal suite is the most charming place they could wish for…

The only thing that worries me is the transportation from the church to Håholmen…

Sailing in with the viking ship to Håholmen will be perfect a nice and warm August day but maybe not so charming on a day like this:)

I guess the bride to be had a lot to think about on her way home…

Like I said in the beginning – I never was a bride but I do remember the crazy days before the soon to be mother in law got married so this might be something that affects most brides:)

Still…I don`t know why you think you know it all when you are young. My grandmother gave my father a good advice when he married her daughter: You should listen to your elder but you do not have to do as they say. This same advice was also given to my brother and me from my father as we grew up. It is a good advice.  And when you have listened and decided…make a statement.

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