Organizing a new temporary space for crafting

Since organizing the renovation of my craft room seems to take forever I have to reorganize my temporary set up. I am not happy with having my stuff spread all over the house. So…with good help from Aby Garvey`s new class at Simplify 101 I am organizing… again. But, most of all I am looking for inspiration for my renovating project. Right now I am setting up my work space in the room that used to be the living room…

Aby`s class  “Organize your creative space” started today and it is not to late to sign up. You can even try out the first lesson to see if this is something for you and if you are not happy you can get a refund.  The best deal you can get.

I have a lot of stuff to dig out from storage in the upcoming days. Lucky for me I don`t have much to purge. Already did that:) The amount of storage is the same here as in my – now empty craft room so it shouldn`t be to hard to reorganize later…

Of course it may be hard to concentrate on the organizing when I have new stuff to play with…

…and I have a new memory file in the work…

…and I have to go into work all  weekend:)

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