Weekend adventures

Accidents happens when the women in the family enjoy an adventure on their own and leave the boys to go wild. While mother and daughter enjoy their weekend the boys decide to go fishing in Torbudalen. It is never safe to leave the boys to do their own adventures:) They are bringing the boat along and accidents happens…

With the boat in the hanger and the kids in the back seat he waits in line at the hospital to get his 8 stitches. Then he drives that crazy road for three hours – with the boat and the kids, to a cabin with no water and no electricity. And no woman to care for him:)

Saturday he gets the boat on the water and they go fishing…

One fish. One fish left at the beach because no one could be bothered to carry the fish back to the cabin. But the little fishermen was very proud of that one fish.

The real challenge began at home when the big boy had to change his compress. That was not fun for the big girl who had to do the work…

The compress was glued to the skin and it took a lot of trying to get it off. Me? I would have wanted a pro to do the work:) But, of course mummy was there with good advice…

I don`t think he had a good night sleep but he will live and accidents do happens when the women leave the home:)

I think the princess would have prefered to go fishing with the boys but sometimes you have to do girly stuff.

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