The flower girl

This is one of the pages I love the most…

…because it describe our princess at the age of three. The photo is taken from the window when she arrived at her grandparents house for dinner a warm and sunny day – four weeks before her parent’s wedding. Kind of difficult to see her as a flower girl in a wedding:)

But that is who she is – a girl who is all about pink, pretty dresses and nail polish. The next moment she can be found digging in the dirt for worms before she goes fishing.

In four weeks she will be a flower girl in her uncle`s wedding and she was so happy about the cute dress she got to try on yesterday. If she could take it home she would have slept in it…

The bride to be is a brave girl – she also want the boys to join in. I don`t think this one cared either way…

He was more interested in the ice cream and the strawberries and couldn`t care less about this wedding.

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