Sunday Adventures

Before our vacation and before the wedding overwhelmed us we had time for a Sunday adventure – a day at the fair…

The little guy climbed up after the two others but refused to follow them on the slide. He was holding on for his life. No slide and no steps. I volunteered to climb up and bring him down but I had no intentions to take the easy way down. But – when the little guy took my hand and looked me in the eyes I could not say no. This is far more adventures than I like to be:) And before I could do anything he was climbing up again and yet again he refused to come down. Two rounds on the slide was almost more than I could handle:)

He was scared to come down the slide but he had no problems being thrown around and around from side to side…

…again and again…

In the end it was like whenever I looked for him he was being shuffled around in the carousel…

I am a sissy when it comes to things like this and I have no idea why I would volunteer to go up in the monster carousel but I did. And I regretted doing it every second I was up there…

It feelt like my brain was being squeezed and every bone in your body was broken. It was horrible. Thankfully it was at the end of the day and I could sit down to level my body with the ground:)

In sympathy,  the mum – being a sissy herself,  let her self be talked in yo have a flight…

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