Back to everyday life

The line of clean shirts told me it was time to go back to work and my everyday life…

I wish I could go back to Viva Bahia for a week or two but I have to stay and face the storm…

The first day back at work is hard. The second day is a lot easier and then it is like I never was gone. It was very helpful to find out that I have a long weekend coming up:)

The September challenge is to avoid the good things in life. At least all the good stuff coming in the door at work at 7 am.

At 1pm I could enjoy my coffee break in the warm sun in the backyard at work. At  4pm the storm was on the way.

I was not prepared to have visitors today with three days of dishes piling up and I certainly was not prepared for the landlord’s maintenance department to come and check the water and sewerage. After using 30 minutes to disassemble the tub to check leakage in the bathroom he said: I wonder if the landlord would want to live here? I don`t think so:)

I`m just saying – it was a special experience to have a look under the tub and both of us questioned where the water ended up after leaving the tub:) Unfortunately, I did not think to take a picture – but he did.

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1 Response to Back to everyday life

  1. Margot says:

    Wish my kitchen bench was as tidy as yours right now!
    Thanks for sharing a bit of your day with us.

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