It`s been 30 years – today

In 1980 I had no worries and no dreams for the future. I enjoyed my simple life and I loved being an aunt. I even had curls:)

In 1982 the curls were gone and my only worry was how to save enough money to buy my own beer. No dreams – the future was set.

It was no happy girl entering this building September 7 1982…

Working in retail was never a dream and I have always blamed the hangover I was in that morning I had my interview. The building isn`t there anymore but I am still stocking shelves…

Twice I slammed the door and left.  I moved back and forth. But I am still here stocking shelves.

It wasn`t my dream job so why am I still here? That is easy – I love what I do. I love that every morning I`m ready to go. I love the customers, the people I work with and the rapid changes in the industry.

I`m still here, working in Coop, 30 years later.

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1 Response to It`s been 30 years – today

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Congratulations on 30 years, loving what you do is such a bonus. I like your page “Time Travel”

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