All I wanted was

All I wanted was a renovated craft-room. The man came and left – and all he wanted was to  tear down the porch…

…and he wanted to replace all the windows. I had to beg for a new front door…

…because one of these days I will wake up and there will be no door. He almost agreed with me but he was more concerned about the small maple tree that is about to grow big…

I`m a little ashamed that I hadn`t noticed that the tree had grown that much this summer. I guess I have been more concerned about how things are inside and with the wet summer we have behind us I have barely stopped on the way in and out.

I do agree with the man – you have to fix what`s wrong outside before spending the money inside. Still I would like my craft-room to be up and running before next winter. Because I know how it is – he says it will be in the budget for next year but they never spend money before the end of the year.

Anyway – I do my scrapbooking in the living room. Soon Christmas is here and then it`s summer again.

These days I`m power-scrapping…

The wedding album now have 26 pages and the newly wedded is out of the church. I didn`t plan for how many pages I would make but I think I`m okay. For now I am not adding any stash to the pages – just photos, journaling and som pieces of paper. I decided to wait until I`m finished to see what to use and where.

PS. In denfence of the man – he did make a very long list of things that needed to be done, but he is not the man with the final word:)

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1 Response to All I wanted was

  1. L. McG.-E. says:

    I love this. The battle between what has to be done for practical reasons and what has to be done for personal reasons. I hope you are both able to get what you need before too long.

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