A Library of Memories and leftover photos from a wedding

I feel good. Now – if I had known where I filed away the extra page protectors I bought with the album I would be a happy girl…

…A lot of photos went into this album but I still have a lot of leftovers…

That`s okay because I have more stories to tell. I knew from the beginning that there wouldn`t be enough space in this album to tell all the stories I wanted to save. That is why maintaining “A Library of Memories” is great – there is always a place for a story. Of course the groom has his own “All about” – album…

…and so does “The People we Love”…

…and one of those people we love offered me her photos from the wedding today – thank you Camilla!

I have a list of layouts I want to make and I need to dig into my category boxes to find some photos to add into the mix. Hopefully Camilla`s photos will add to the ones I have from the wedding.

Did I say how good I feel about finishing this album? And the best part? My desk is clean…

…at least as clean as my desk can be:) All ready for a new project. The new project being May Flaum`s “Kit-Tastic” class at Big Picture Classes. I am not a kit-owner but I like May and she often inspires me. At least she does when she don`t mix tags and Tim Holst:)

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