Hello weekend – working weekend

The good thing? I`m working the evening-shift. Three mornings with no wake-up calls. I was so happy about that going to bed last night but of course I woke up at 5.30. I was not ready for the sun to show up today since it was raining at bedtime. The sun is merciless this time of the year. Time to clean?

Cleaning the windows is a vast of time really but it is something about the feeling of having it done – even if it doesn`t show tomorrow.  At least I could enjoy the nice weather up on the roof…

…and now I can see in and out…

I`m not going up on the roof to clean the windows in bad weather…

…but in this weather I could stay and clean all day long.

Almost feeling sad when the job is done…

Just in time to make another kit for May Flaum`s “Kti-tastic” class. Of course she had to present us with a pink challenge. Surprised to discover that I didn`t have much pink in my stash of paper…

Making a page with pink was a struggle. Maybe it would have been easier if the photo had been less pink…

The princess is sleeping over at her grandparents. She sleep on the sofa – she ask and she is served:)

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