Nicely lined sugar bombs and manicured homes

The title is from today`s online news at the Norwegian national tv. It refers to the blog world and their glossy photos of wonderful homes and pink cupcakes.

And it says…”Nicely lined sugar bombs, manicured homes, cleaned and nicely dressed children and quiet home life with enough time – published under the pretext of wanting to inspire others.”

“The problem with blogs-they do not show us as whole people.”

I don`t visit “Cupcake-blogs” because I don`t bake. The interior-blogs don`t interest me much. Fashion-blogs? Never. There are exceptions. Like Holly Becker`s  Decor8 and Benita Larsson`s  Chez Larsson. Decor8 because I like to be cheered up on a bad day. I was about to say that I visited her blog to draw color inspiration but since I am a close to colorblind that would be a tiny lie:) And Chez Larsson is for pure joy. Her white clean lines are a wonderful contrast to my messy style. If I ever wished to be someone else I would like to be Benita Larsson – I envy her ability as a handyman.

I think it is okay to be selective with what you share online. Not all days are filled with sheer joy and I admire those who are able to share these days with their readers.

I try to be mindfull when I share…

The text on layouts also requires some tact. I could have said that he was the toughest guy in the neighborhood when he was at the Halloween party … but the truth is that he was sitting on his daddy’s lap all evening. He was four – of course he was afraid of the dark basement filled with monsters:)

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