The creative part of Friday

Before daylight we had rain. With daylight came the sun and the inspiration…

She almost had me spooked when I picked her up from the Halloween party. The white face paint and the black around her eyes was awful.

Costume and paint aren`t always needed…

A couple of blankets will do. They had a lot of fun before tears and anger took priority.

We bought the cutest costume for the little one but he was not so happy about the rabbit outfit. I get that. There was no way we could make him pose for the camera. But he was a happy boy the day after when he discovered his mum had made cakes the day before…

I don`t think he was that happy about sharing the space with those monsters:)

So…do I clean up my mess…

…or play some more? Maybe I will have lunch before I decide:)

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1 Response to The creative part of Friday

  1. Great layouts Ellijanne! I told my daughter I thought her little ones (5,4, and 2) should as 3 lil’ monkeys!!! They’ll be cute in whatever they were and I can’t wait to make some layouts!

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