It is that time of the year – again. The deadline for next year’s budget is fast approaching. In the old days we used large sheets of paper, calculator, pencil and eraser, and we worked long days and late nights before we could deliver the budget. The biggest challenge was to add the numbers right. I was never finished before the deadline was out and I always tried to buy some extra time. Not because it wasn`t finished but because it was like giving away my favorite toy. I had a really hard time letting go.
Today information is stored on a memory stick and I am more than happy to give it up if I ever can get started. I have been procrastinating for a week and the deadline approaches fast.

It is that time of the year – again. Full speed ahead for depression. The job can be done in a few hours but instead of doing the job I overlook this thing and I honestly think it will all go away if I want it enough…

Yeah – sure it will go away.

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