1988 – bad hairdays and other memories

Someone in my family commented my photo from 1988 with – Bad hair day? I guess he was right about that because the only photo I have found is one with a cap:)

I have four albums from my youth and I did find enough photos marked 1988 to rebuild a few memories from that period of time. 26 March 1988 – there was a farewell party for a friend and college. I can`t remember the party but since it was in March I must have come home with my shoes…

I might be wrong but I think 1988 was a year of coming and goings – and this was the year that Inger Marie decided to pack her bags and go back home. I guess we missed her because a few weeks later we sat on a plane to Bergen for a visit…

Now – Bergen is not known for sunny days. We had bikini and umbrellas in the bags. If we had checked the weather forecast we would have known that we could have left the umbrellas at home…

So – I guess something good did happen in 1988. There weren`t all about bad hair days after all:)

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