1984 was a fun year

Trying to make a timeline based on my albums is not easy but I have to trust the dates. Nothing much else to trust since the dates and where is the only thing noted.

1984 was all about red hair, plastic pearls and drinking beer – and I had a secret admirer…

…and no it was not the stud on the photo. I guess he was the one paying for the beer and since he wasn`t that eager to get his photo taken he might have been at the wrong place at the wrong time:)

I was so flattered to find flowers on my door when I came home from work in the evenings and I was dying to know who it was. All December long and I had no clue. When I got back from my Christmas Holiday and found one frozen stiff white poinsettia and a large bag of canned goods on my door step the admirer was revealed. He might had scored with the poinsettia but canned goods? No way…

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