Plans for 12/12/12

A few weeks ago Stacy Julian at Big Picture Classes launched this invitation…

I was so close to sign up for the event on Hawaii. My brother said I could take my sister in-law with me and enjoy the adventure but December is not a good month for travelling. Although I have been very close to change my mind this week…

Still October and this week we had the first snow and the last two days have been stormy and wet. I much rather enjoy a few days in Hawaii…

All above – very good reasons:)

Of course Big Picture Classes has an invitation for us who stays behind. We can join in on the Hawaii event online – 12 hours of streaming video live from Hawaii. The only challenge is the time zone. For me this will go on from 7pm to 7am but it can be done:)

We will be making a mini album highlighting 2012. You can read all about it at Big Picture Classes. The supply list is out and I was lucky enough to get everything I needed yesterday. My album is ready…

We also have a list of photos we need to find, print or take. Still a lot of work to do with the photos but that is an enjoyable task. If you are a scrapbooker you can look forward to join Stacy`s Twelve class through the month of December if you sign up for the Hawaii event.

I enjoyed putting together my album this afternoon. After a long week at work this was the only thing I was inspired to do when I came home from work today…

The view wasn`t that inspiring and now it is snowing. It is allowed to dream about Hawaii or what?

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