The adventure of Christmas 1980 and planning December Daily 2012

Christmas 1980 he stole all the Christmas tree decorations from our tree and put it on the tree in is own home upstairs. He started with the side facing the wall and worked his way around and up. It took days before anyone realized what he was up to. Wonder why – because he was always up to something…

Christmas is getting closer and it is time to plan for December Daily. As usual I can`t decide on the size of my album, digital, paper or hybrid, line of papers and design. So many choices to make and so much to choose from. My first choice was paper and a red 12×12 album. I have a red album and a lot of page protectors and I picked this paper to work with…

Then I changed my mind and decided to go digital. I fell in love with these templates by Ali Edwards…

They just need some changes – text and numbers have to go but that is okay. So my second plan was to do December 1 to December 24 all digital and the rest of the Christmas Holiday paper.

Nothing like a third plan. These templates will be great to resize to 8×8. Then I could print them at home and the album would be finished at the end of the month.

I`m not good with too many choices…I go back to scanning my photos again…

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