Today I am thankful for

Yesterday I was thankful for finding this photo from the early 80`s. The photo tells a story about our life as a family and as individuals. All together I have ten photos I can use and a few really bad ones. I located the bad ones days ago and I have been worried the rest had been lost in the chaos of life. Thankfully they are here and I can`t wait to save this story for the future.

Not  so thankful for the mess I am creating…

…as I work my way through the old albums…

I have filled that pink bag with photos and old albums three times. The stack of photos on my desk is what is left of my albums. I have been more respectful of the family albums. At least I saved two of them:)

I didn`t plan to finish this scanning project in one sitting but you know me – I am obsessing so I have decided to finish today. I think…

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5 Responses to Today I am thankful for

  1. So fun to see this first page! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Melonie says:

    Great page! Good luck working your way through the photos:)

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