Thankful Thursday

It feels so good to have finished the vacation album. This album was not so much about scrapbooking but rather about making a photo album. A lot of photos and a few stories. I used several types of divided page protectors from the Becky Higgins Project Life line and a 12×12 album from WRMK. Loved working with this project but I did not like the finished album. Too much photos. My eyes got blurry looking at the pages so I had to add a few 12×12 pages here and there…

Just a few pages with white cardstock and a simple design to rest the eyes on. No great photos or deep stories…

After the first few pages I knew I should have planned for this from the beginning but it would have slowed me down so I kept going with my original plan. It is challenging to work with so many photos and make it feel together and I don`t have more time to fiddle with this…

…because there are other unfinished project to deal with. Like my December Daily from 2011 wich popped up from a drawer the other day:)

Another last-minute change of plans. I was going to use and 8×8 AC album but did not like the page protectors so I bought WRMK pp for my album. Of course I couldn`t use 3-rings page protectors in a D-ring album. I would have been fine if I had been able to buy a 3-ring album in Norway – but no…

This weekend I was lucky and found one. Wish me luck to get all the pages inside the album. Not so sure if the album will fit all the pages…

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