Thankful Friday

November 2…

November 3…

November 4…

November 5…

November 6…

November 7…

November 8…

I am a lot more wordy than this:) I have printed the base album on orange peel cardstock but I don`t want to print the photos at home. For this album I want to use my handwriting and I didn`t want to use the time to translate for the digi templates. Sorry about that. To keep everything together I use Cathy Zielske`s Daily Log – a free download from Cathy …

I am also open to add new photos if daylight and inspiration hit at the same time.

Be thankful and enjoy your Friday. I enjoy mine because I am working the evening shift – hours to play in before work:)

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7 Responses to Thankful Friday

  1. rosann517 says:

    I am finding that this project is allowing me to appreciate the smaller things in life. I think I do a good job of being appreciative of those around me but with all that has happened as a result of Sandy, I see now that I need to up my gratitude and pay-it-forward game!

  2. thanks for sharing. love your creative space! enjoy your creative time today.

  3. Cheri says:

    love that you photographed your creative mess! 🙂

  4. Melonie says:

    Great pages! Your pictures are fantastic:)

  5. Amy says:

    I thought the journaling was brief for you Elin! It’s great to see your base pages, good luck with the journaling later on.

  6. Diane Herman says:

    I too am enjoying taking note of the little things 🙂

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