December Daily foundation pages

Last year I made a last-minute decision to do December Daily and I burned the midnight oil putting together a kit based on Ali Edwards`s digital kit. This was a 6×8 size template I changed to 8×8. I printed the dated pages and I used most of them…

In addition to these pages I used digital templates I had on hand at the time. A lot of December was spent away from home so I had to use the few templates I had. The page was printed at home…

I was lucky enough to have a few AE templates to work with and when I put the 66 pages into my album the other day it all worked well together…

In addition to the dated templates and the printed digital templates I also made some paper pages…

A mix of everything and it is kept together by the patterned paper from Crate Paper. I wish I didn`t have to print this at home but I have learned that the only way this album will be finished is to get the pages done right away:)

So – 2012..what to do and how to do it? I was dreaming of a 12×12 album in red but that would be hard to do because of the printing. I am so done with the Christmas stuff when January arrives that I can`t see myself working with a December Daily album. I usually make my Christmas pages from last year in November when the Christmas spirit hit. Another reason for dumping the 12×12 idea was that I just couldn`t find I line of paper I wanted to work with. When I finally found the one paper I wanted to use to tie everything together I made a mistake in my order from Bluemoon Scrapbooking. Instead of the 10 papers I thought I order I had skipped the zero and got one.

The next ide was to use a Snap album – and old version but that ide fell when I decided to join the Big Picture Classes in making the 2012 album with a Snap. I don`t think I could motivate myself to make to albums of the same size in the month of December. So – it is back to 8×8 and Ali Edwards templates…

It took most of my day yesterday to resize, edit, print and add a paper scrap to all my pages…

Today I am working on adding photo size to the pages. It is simple to print the photos to the right size with crop marks in PSE…

The pages are not dated. December is a busy month for us all and I have no way of know when there will be anything to document. Back in 2008 when I made my first album I documented my everyday life during December – I don`t think it has changed much so I am skipping the everyday waking up, going to work, working overtime, eating and sleeping December. December is December every year working in a grocery store:)

I will date the pages as I go but I have a December 2012 stamp I can add to that blank field. A stamp just like this one…

The stamping depends on how I choose to turn the pages so this will have to wait until the page is done.

That`s it – the basic foundation. The rest is still a blur. I have a few divided pages I could play with and I need to decide on a few embellishes. A few and flat embellishes:)

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4 Responses to December Daily foundation pages

  1. RitaQ says:

    Thanks for sharing your project. I have these templates too but haven’t used them for any projects yet. I was really hoping Ali would share some layout ideas …. haven’t seen any. My first inclination was to use them to document our Olympic trip/experience from this past summer. Happy to see another wonderful idea 🙂

  2. Ruth says:

    Goodness, that’s a lot of work and preparation already ~ well done!

  3. Linda says:

    Your pages from last year are adorable, I can’t wait to see how they turn out this year! That is super smart to write the photo sizes on the pages 🙂

  4. Cherri Engle says:

    Great pages. Enjoy the process again this year.

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