The joy of Sunday

The joy of Sunday and the things you do to avoid the chores…

Playing around trying to create some add ons for my December Daily album. Sometimes the eCraft give a perfect cut but more often than not it creates a mess when I`m making my own Svg.files.

I have made a first draft for the front page but I am pretty sure there will be more than one draft…

I have cut all the pages to 8×8 but I forgot that the page protector is more like 8 1/4 sized leaving the page moving back and fort inside. I can live with not being perfect that this bothers me a lot. First I tried to add a piece of coordinating paper but that did not work. Then I added a tab to the page…

Oh the things you do…I should have remembered this from last year but I wasn`t alarmed when I added my pages to the album last week because the pages was perfectly fitting. Of course because I had cut them to 8 1/4 x 8. Anyway – in order to make it look okay I have to decide the order of my pages. I`m not happy about that but it might work.

Now… if I stop the heat-pump and clean it – it will be so cold in here that I have to do some cleaning here. Don`t you think?

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1 Response to The joy of Sunday

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Your reindeer page gives me inspiration for a page in my upcoming first December Daily album. I wanted to include some of the newspaper flyers that we get every week and at this time of year these flyers are very colourful and full of wonderful Christmas things. Now I have a way to save. Thank you.

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