A story of then and now

Back in January I sat up file for the Twelve class at Big Picture Classes and I filled that box with memories I wanted to save. Through the year I have collected photos I could use for those stories. Now – just weeks before the “Twelve-year” is over there only a three stories left to tell. One is the New Year hurricane in 1991 and the other is a “Family adventure” from the early eighties. In my file I also had this photo…

               My brother to the right, his oldest son and Edvin – my brother`s best friend.

I didn`t know what story to tell. The photo tell more than one story. The excitement over the new TV-play. No video games yet – but this was the latest and greatest:) Edvin was more than a best friend – he was family. I grew up believing he was my cousin. At 13 I had to face the fact that the only thing we shared was an uncle and my mother`s past as his grandfather`s maid.

At 13 I believed they were the top of the pops – playing in a band and all. The parties, the girls and then came the wifes, the kids and in the fog of everyday life the two men moved on.

Still – Edvin is always our first call.

Last night my brother sent me a new photo taken the day before  and I had my connection…

The hair is thinner, slightly out of tune…but still best friends. With a little practice I am sure they can be in tune again.

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2 Responses to A story of then and now

  1. MissDotty says:

    What a lovely story to share!

  2. karine says:

    what a great idea! love the way you show how the time is gone, but not this frienship!
    your blog is great too! I look forward to see your december daily!

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