Homecoming weekend

The one thing I miss by moving back home is home-coming weekends. I loved coming home to my family. Now I love to be home – welcoming the next generation coming home for a visit…

Coming home

He loves to come home too. He is happy where he is but even happier when he is in the car – on his way home. The now happily married couple split their time between their childhood homes and we are grateful to have as much time as possible with our boy and I am sure her family feels the same.

So much going on during a long weekend like this and it all started with Tor Helge coming home and the little ones having a sleepover at grandma`s place…

Bedtime trick

It is not easy to have three little ones put to bed in a one bedroom house:) But the kids love it. Having beds all over the place open up for jumping, running and building of tents. Having their uncle Tor coming hom did not help at all. So grandma had to pull a trick up from her hat – chicken making. We all loved that one:)

Busy weekend. Lots of happenings, photos and stories. Many of them have a place in the December Daily. The upcoming week is all about work, eat and sleep – wich means not much to fill into the DD album. So here is what I will do – I will continue to document my boring week – but for the DD album I will keep adding pages from this first weekend of December.

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6 Responses to Homecoming weekend

  1. Ruth says:

    Looks like fun and chaos in your house all at once. Much like here really. Enjoyed seeing your Day 1, Thank you.

  2. MissDotty says:

    What lovely memories you are creating! Sounds a fantastic time:)

  3. Linda says:

    Looks like fun memories & a great way to start the month!!

  4. sharon71 says:

    Lovely family memories, thanks for sharin.

  5. Marie L says:

    Love seeing your pages and the stories behind them. Wonderful!

  6. alexa says:

    I love your clean and simple format here – so full of interest and yet spacious too.

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