Crocheted snowflakes

Before the weekend a crocheted snowflake inspired me at Pinterest and I had to try making one. That turned out to be a challenge. First I forgot the yarn. I was given yarn only to find out that I had forgotten where I had hidden the crochet needle. So my sweet host had to provide me with both yarn and hook. I wish she could have lend me a pair of glasses…

December 3 2012My eyes are not what they used to be:) I had to find the biggest needle I had to get the thread through the needle head:)

It has been so long since I did this so I had to google how to make syrup and with a lot of luck I did find a piece of polystyrene…

syrup and polystyreneNot the right pins for pinning the snowflake to the polystyrene but whatever works is good…

Crocheted snowflakesNo description on how to make them so they did not turn out perfect but who cares…I plan to add some pearls if my eyes can cooperate.

The things you can do when you have the time and the inspiration…

Crocheted snowflake

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15 Responses to Crocheted snowflakes

  1. Natalie says:

    So delicate! In my ornaments box I came across some crocheted snowflakes my mom mades years before.They are some of my favorite ornaments. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Marie A. says:

    Wow! These snowflakes are awesome! Wish I was able to make some by myself. You’re gifted. Very nice layout too. 🙂

    Happy holidays from Québec city, Canada!

  3. Fiona says:

    Beautiful snowflakes! You made an amazing layout, too!

  4. Jessica says:

    Beautiful photos, beautiful snowflakes!

  5. Ruth says:

    Amazing snowflakes and such beautiful photos of them too! 🙂

  6. Nora Anne says:

    Wow, those snowflakes are BEAUTIFUL! Your eyes seem to be working fine to me 😉

  7. Pam says:


  8. Nicol says:

    gorgeous snowflakes!

  9. i’ve been wanting to crochet some snowflakes, too. do you find the syrup stiffens them well, or or they crackly?
    your snowflakes are beautiful 🙂

  10. Claire T says:

    Oh my! These are lovely!

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  12. Dragonfly Release says:

    Love your snowflakes!

  13. Those are beautiful! I see why you used them for your Journal Your Christmas! I found your link on Shimelle’s forum and so glad I did! Lovely!

  14. Jen Hart says:

    These are stunning, I so wish I could do this 🙂

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