Signs of December and Christmas

Snow is a sure sign of December but this year we have to wait it seems. In the meantime it is important to make sure the gear is ready…

Signs of December

I think it is a sure bet if I say that Santa isn`t bringing any sleds on Christmas Eve:)

No signs of snow but I could spy a tree that will fit perfect inside when the time comes. In this family home the tree stay outside until the evening of December 23…

Signs of Christmas in the gardenIt has been a very cold week so far but the kids enjoyed drawing this year`s tree on the iPad…

Drawing Chrismtas trees on the iPad

They had fun seeing their trees from last year and was very eager to make new trees. Sometimes they are so easy:)

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5 Responses to Signs of December and Christmas

  1. Christina T says:

    Love the photo of the sleds and the kids playing on the Ipad!

  2. Love, Carrie says:

    The way to captured moments with your photos is awesome!

  3. Ruth says:

    I love your photos ~ so important to record the every day.

  4. Rosie says:

    Your photos are wonderful, thanks for sharing them!

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