Creating happy memories

Last night I went to bed without cleaning up the mess from Sunday`s creative play…

Yesterday`s fun

…and to fairy godmother had cleaned up the mess when I woke up this morning:)

My first thought was to let it be because in a few hours the three musketeers will be back creating the same mess. Sitting here with my morning coffee and the fire burning thinking happy memories from Decembers gone had me thinking again. I remember coming home to a warm house. Food on the table. And there was always room for a creative play.

Of course – at my age it must be allowed to stretch the truth a bit because there were just as many days coming home to a cold and messy house with a stressed out mother working hard to make Christmas happen. Those were the days when every inch of the house had to be cleaned before December 24. All the boxes had to be filled with Christmas cookies and the pig was dragged out of the barn, slaughtered on the outside and hang in the cellar. Those were the days.

So – I am having another cup of coffee, I will keep the fire burning, I will pick up the mess and I will welcome the three musketeers back in the afternoon.

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1 Response to Creating happy memories

  1. sarah says:

    I love the mess left behind after being creative. There’s something theraputic about it! 🙂 Glad you had another cup of coffee with the fire and let it sit a little longer 🙂

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