Gingerbread-men and snow

One of the three came home from kindergarten with a gingerbread man. Who would have thought that this was reason enough to start a war over? The oldest one won her piece with her strength and the little one won with tears. Everyone got their slice of the gingerbread-man before dinner. No wonder dinner was half eaten:)

Gingerbread-men and snow

I spent the evening fine tuning my word for 2013. Still undecided if I want to sign up for The one little word workshop at BPC. I have been in the workshop for the last two years and I love Ali Edwards prompts every month and I follow-up on them at the beginning of the year. I slip during the summer and the same happens with my word. I forget both. The same goes for all my good intentions. Not so good. I have to find a way to keep going until the end of the year:)

This morning we woke up to snow. Welcome December.

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1 Response to Gingerbread-men and snow

  1. Rosie says:

    Lovely, lovely photos! Interesting hearing your thoughts about OLW…I have never intentionally participated, would you recommend it?

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