December 24 2012 – part one

They went to bed late and woke up early – of course:) The boy woke up at 5.30 and made sure the other two woke up. Of course – Santa had stopped by and left a little something by the bed, and uncle Tor was home for Christmas. He was bringing toys for the boys. Mostly for the big boys…

Boys toys

The little guy was happy to help with the Christmas breakfast. He was the first one to realize that he had to wait in line to play with the new toy…

Christmas breakfast

Nothing beats the children’s happiness when they see the tree with all the gifts…

Christmas Joy

In order to give their parents some rest and time to organize the Christmas dinner the little ones are invited to eat the Christmas porridge at grandma`s house…

Christmas lunch

With very little sleep we tried to talk them into having a nap. Easier sad than done. Grandpa promised them his new Samsung Tablet if they all slept for an hour. He lost – they slept…

Christmas nap

It was like observing a miracle:)

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