Time for a clean up of my hard drive

“Cleaning” the hard drive is not my favorite thing to do but today I am in mood for deleting:) And that is a good thing because all my drives approaches the limit.

A few layouts I haven`t shared…

Our baby boy has the patient to play with the tiny parts and when you have a “super-aunt” to clean  up it can be tempting to be messy at the end of the game…

You have your own cleaning lady

As the youngest one of three siblings you have to learn how to defend yourself and stay strong…

Stand strong

He can be so funny. I wanted to help him up but there was no need because he had his own path up. I could not foresee that he also had his own way down …

Wonderful you

We still celebrate Christmas around here but life is slowly turning back to normal. I enjoy this weekend off but I still have to do some work. The store has deliveries today which is delayed because of the storm so I have to go in and help out. Sunday we do Inventory. A nice weekend off:)

But first – a few hours of cleaning up my hard drives.

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